About Michael Murphy

Michael, a native of Co. Wexford, spends the majority of his free time photographing the myriad landscapes and wildlife on offer, particularly along the south coast of Ireland.

Michael has close ties to Kerry through marriage and now resides full-time in the Cork region. This grants him access to the fantastic photo opportunities that the South-West offers in addition to his native South-East. Michael has had a keen interest in photography from an early age and has progressed from developing black & white prints in an attic in Co. Wexford to mastering the latest equipment that digital technology has to offer.

He is a keen nature and outdoor enthusiast and enjoys spending his free time seeking out the dramatic and often breathtaking landscapes of Ireland as well as the rich wildlife and plant-life that inhabit it. Michael's landscape photography seeks to capture the beauty of Ireland in its purest sense, and to portray it in as natural and realistic a viewpoint as possible.

His nature and wildlife photography endeavours to capture the often elusive and fleeting moments of life up close while also attempting to portray the ongoing interaction with the natural environment. In essence Michael's photography allows the observer to feel as if they were in fact present in the scene.